Catalysing digitalisation in the legal sector – eAvokat

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Commercialisation Through Knowledge Exchange: GMP and GLP from the ACLEMETH Project

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EU4TECH PoC signs contract for software prototype project: ‘Flourish’

EU4TECH has signed it first contract for a software prototype. Project ‘Flourish‘, the brainchild of entrepreneurial partnership of Jasna Pejović and Valentina Radulović from DigitalBee in Montenegro is designed to enhance Emotional Intelligence.

As Jasna Pejović explains:

Emotional intelligence directly affects employability, salary level, happiness, employee performance, leadership capacity, and job satisfaction. Companies that invest in developing employee emotional intelligence boost productivity and retention by 12% and have been shown to deliver a 250% ROI within eight months. It is also clear that with good coaching programs, 25% of EI improvement can be achieved. Ten minutes of training per day, playing an educational and interactive game will directly impact user emotional intelligence“.

The final Flourish app will measure and improve a person’s EI level using mobile gaming applications and a palm digital emotional coach, enabling their career and private life to flourish.

The Flourish software prototype will contain an emotional intelligence test and a first portfolio of EI boosting games. It will enable the DigitalBee team to verify their methodology and confirm the hypothesis that after three months of regular Flourish app usage EI has increased.

The software prototype will be built by Amplitudo, a leading digital innovator in Montenegro, with a track record in developing customised software for a broad range of clients.

Alongside support for prototyping, EU4TECH PoC has been working with the Flourish team to support market entry; this has included support for market analyses and trademark registration. The team are also being helped to identify the most appropriate funding source for this development stage.

For more information on the EU4Tech PoC project, visit:

For more detail about DigitalBee visit and

For more information on Amplitudo visit

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