Catalysing digitalisation in the legal sector – eAvokat

EU4TECH PoC – prototyping success stories! Over the last 18 months the EU Funded EU4TECH PoC project has committed nearly 100 kEURO in prototyping...

Integrating ‘standards’ activities in to PoC R&D: A new Code of Practice for Researchers

Standards are technical specifications that define requirements for products, production processes, services or test-methods. They are normally developed by industry and market actors following...

Proof of concept! A patentable innovation! Securing the next stage of support

“First of all, we need to prove the idea. We are making the parts and will then test our first actual prototype of an...

Supporting the digital transition in the Western Balkans: How Digital Innovation Hubs help

Supporting the digital transition in the Western Balkans: How Digital Innovation Hubs help. Digital transition – the integration of digital technology into all areas...

Developing research and innovation infrastructures in the Western Balkans: From SEEIIST to 3D printing

Top research also needs top research infrastructures (RI). This is recognised by the European Commission who defines, evaluates and implements strategies and tools to...

The people are our potential: Towards more women in science careers

The Common Regional Market Action Plan 2021-2024 for the Western Balkans is an ambitious plan that has a crucial gender component. Currently there are...

Startup Udhë – On the road and on the market – the ride sharing App from Pristina!

Udhë – an EU4TECH PoC project and VentureUP startup has hit the commercial road with a local ride sharing App and now plans to...

Commercialisation Through Knowledge Exchange: GMP and GLP from the ACLEMETH Project

Commercialisation of innovation generated at research organisations or universities can happen in several ways. The ‘classical’ route involves licensing of IP rights to a...

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EU4Tech PoC

The EU4Tech PoC WB project offers support to 40+ promising technology based projects from the Western Balkans at the ‘Proof of Concept Stage’. We offer hands on assistance from experts and mentors to help you validate and protect your technology, develop a robust business model and move your project closer to the market.

Funded under multi-country IPA we can work with researchers from public / not for profit research organisations (PROs) as well as start-ups and SMEs.

Over 2 years (January 2020-December 2021) our team of experts will mentor 40 PoC projects from the region through 6 forms of highly specialised Technical Assistance. These are:

  • Technology development and prototyping for commercial demonstration
  • Entrepreneurship support and mentoring
  • Intellectual property management
  • Market analysis
  • Business plan and business model
  • Follow-on funding support

Regional coverage

We will work with eligible projects from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.